Review: A Man Called Ove

I listened to this on Audible and I HIGHLY recommend that to anyone. The narrator was awesome and with all of his different voices for the huge cast of characters, it was more like listening to a radio play than a book.Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.12.40 AM

Working in a book store means I get to hear and see (constantly) what the new “thing” is. And for about two months at the beginning of this year, A Man Called Ove was the new “thing”. Literally everyone was buying it (along with A Dog’s Purpose) and some of the people had already read it and were gifting it to family/friends. One woman described it as “the best book [she] had read in a long time.”

While I’m not sure I agree with that lofty praise, A Man Called Ove was a touching book about love, death, and how life goes on. The book begins with Ove planning to kill himself to reunite with Sonja, his late wife, who died months earlier from cancer. His life has been peaceful—sad, but quiet, at least—until the new neighbors move in next door and flip his life around. Repeatedly his attempts are foiled—in anywhere from humorous to frightening ways—and slowly he begins to come out of his shell and see that life without Sonja isn’t the same, isn’t as bright, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth living.

Ove was such a memorable character, instantly likable despite his gruff ways, because he mirrored so many real people in life. The supporting characters were all heartwarming in their own ways (and diverse, which was great), especially in how they all loved Ove despite his surly outward appearance.

Overall, it was sweet, it made me cry, and I’ll definitely recommend it to friends and family.


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