Review: The Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat

‘I thought, I have lost everything and gained you, and I would almost make the trade, if I didn’t know it had happened that way for you, too.’
It was so close to his own thoughts—that everything he knew was gone, but that this was here, in its place, this one bright thing.

captive-princeConfession time: I kind of hate this new lovey-dovey, pliant, soft-spoken Laurent. It feels like his character did a complete 180 in zero time. For someone as rigid and controlled as him, I’d expect to see more than a little standoffishness even once he’s in this semi-relationship with someone he trusts. I would rather see him struggle to become a trusting and loving person than for it to happen as it did–that is to say all at once.

I’m probably in the 1% here, but this earned 2 stars just because it was Captive Prince related and featured characters I like. Other than that, it was pretty dull. It didn’t really add anything that hadn’t already happened, it didn’t really show a side of Laurent or Damen that hadn’t already been explored, and it didn’t hold my attention at all. It was basically slow-burn porn (and I hate to use that phrase because there was really no “burn” to it at all). I finished it because I paid for it, not because I particularly liked it.

I really hate writing negative reviews, especially when it’s a series I loved as much as this one. I guess I was hoping for more development between Laurent and Damen rather than just more washing and fucking. But a spin off or a tie in should really hold some kind of value, even if minimal, to the story as a whole. This was more like a short, smutty fanfic. It doesn’t impact the story, it doesn’t shed light on anything or anyone, it was just fan service. (Which is fine, if you’re into that thing. It just wasn’t for me.)

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 11.27.19 AM.png
Review brought to you by your friendly neighborhood asexual who can’t be impressed by porn. (If I could, this might’ve gotten a higher rating.)

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