Review: Remember Me (2010)


This year, I had a few resolutions. One of them was to read more books, one was to write steadily each day, and one was to watch more movies, because I’m dreadfully behind on everything.

So the other night I decided, while Robbie was at work, to knock out one of the movies I’ve been wanting to watch … since 2010.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m behind.

Remember Me, starring the inexplicably handsome Robert Pattinson alongside Emilie de Ravin, is categorized as a romantic drama. Sounds like my kind of thing – I’m a sucker for romance. The story focuses on two young college students, both of them struggling with traumatic losses in their family. The girl, Ally, lost her mother when she was eleven (under horrible circumstances that I won’t divulge) and the boy, Tyler Keats Hawkins (I’m lovin’ that middle name, *swoon*) lost his brother from suicide.

Obviously, they’re both pretty emotionally compromised.

I went in to this thinking I was going to see some drama, some love, and finally some emotional healing, before the happy ending came.

I was right on only three of those four assumptions.

Apart from the ending, which I’m going to continue trying to scrub from my mind, this movie was pretty good. The writing was a tad cliché at times – especially the flamboyant, over-excited roommate who I just didn’t care for. The interactions between Ally and her father were also really strained – which was the point – but I don’t think they did it very well. Rather than coming across as distant and emotionally stunted, they came across as awkward, with too many ringing silences. Emilie de Ravin’s acting didn’t shine for me. So while I wasn’t riveted on the movie as a whole, Robert Pattinson’s performance (and his face… cough) had me invested the whole time.

Coming to this after just watching the Twilight movies for the first time, I have to say I’m impressed by his range. Playing Edward was probably a seriously dull job, because he’s such a bland character on the outside and doesn’t ever really show his emotions (I mean, Pattinson makes no attempt at hiding how much he disliked playing Edward). But his performance as Tyler was seriously engaging.

Remember Me (2010); Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin

Tyler is a really unhinged character, struggling with the death of his brother and a lack of familiarity and connection with his father, who I think he internally blames for his brother’s death. All of this plays out in every motion that Pattinson makes during the film, every expression, every word he says rings exactly with the emotion that needs to be conveyed, and had me aching right alongside him. I can’t say for sure if I liked the movie or his acting more. Probably his acting. He’s pretty damn good at the whole ‘tortured soul’ thing.

Without giving anything away, which is hard because I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO HOLD ME AND TELL ME IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY —


As I was saying
, without revealing too much, the ending of this movie was by far one of the most shocking twists ever, right next to the ending of Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. Looking back, I might have been thinking about it somewhere in my brain, maybe. There were small, barely noticeable hints all throughout the movie. But I think they were done in such a way that I never in a million years saw it coming. Maybe it’s because I’m an idealist and I needed it to end happily, for the sake of the poor baby characters.


Well, there you have it. The script was clichéd at times. The cinematography was lovely. The ending was heart-wrenching, world shattering, tremendously uncool. And Robert Pattinson’s face—I mean, performance—was astounding. Remember Me, I’ll definitely remember you (and cry every time).


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